1st June 2017

Revolution in Hockley at lunchtime is light, bright and welcoming. On a beautiful day like the one we visited on, it’s outdoor seating area on Broad Street is the ideal place to chill out and enjoy lunch and a cocktail or two.


My mission today, however, was to discover if Revolution is kid-friendly and able to cater for their whims and appetites. We popped down in the midst of the school summer half-term break, when boredom was just about kicking in and the kids were more than happy to try somewhere different to eat.

Arriving at Revolution right at the start of the lunch session, the restaurant was quiet and almost tranquil, with plenty of seated areas to choose from. We were greeted warmly by Matt, who swiftly took our drinks orders (top marks Matt) and handed out menus.

The kids’ menu, which costs £5.95 for a main, side, veg, dessert and a drink, has plenty of options to choose from. There are all the usual suspects that smaller people seem to like, including burgers, mac ‘n’ cheese, fishfingers and chicken goujons. With the main comes a choice of sides, plus carrot sticks, mushy peas, baked beans or cucumber ribbons.

Evie (aged 8 with a tendency to try to be ‘choosy about food’) went for the interesting sounding Chicken Lollies – which turned out to be chilled chicken breast on lollipop sticks, served with garlic bread and cucumber ribbons.

Jake (aged 12 – loves curry and already starts challenges about who can eat the hottest food on the menu) decided on the pepperoni pizza which chips – sneakily managing to not order any veg while I was distracted by the adult menu.

The booth we sat in was comfortable, with a selection of games and books thoughtfully arranged nearby – the kids enjoyed a game or two of Guess Who while we were waiting for the food. The kids’ menu turns into an i-spy puzzle, so there is colouring and a bit of detective work for them to do, which is good fun.

The kids’ portions were pretty much spot on. Jake’s pizza certainly looked homebaked, with plenty of cheese and pepperoni, on a tasty base. Evie pronounced that everything on her plate was delicious (result!) and loved the fact that she was allowed to eat the chicken lollipops without a knife or fork. The chicken was very tender and the garlic flatbread was tasty but not overpowering.

Us grown-ups fared equally well. My chicken Caesar salad was huge, with heaps of lettuce and strips of chicken. Hubby’s steak and ale pie, served with skin on chips and mushy peas, was equally flavoursome, with well cooked meat and lots of gravy.

For dessert, the kids managed to squeeze in the Fluffwich soldiers (Nutella and marshmallow in brioche, served with warm Nutella) and a portion of ice cream, before declaring themselves well and truly stuffed.

Mike and I shared the apple pie, washed down with a very nice cup of coffee. The apple pie came with vanilla ice cream and, it has to be said, is one of the nicest I have EVER tasted.

So … is Revolution in Hockley a suitable place to take kids? Absolutely yes! The menu offers excellent value for money, the atmosphere is calm and relaxed during the day and the food is very good. So, if you haven’t considered venturing into Hockley for lunch, it’s just a short walk up the hill from the Market Square and definitely worth the trip.

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