17th August 2019

Bottomless Brunch is a thing. There’s a few restaurants offering it in Nottingham and, as I’m a big fan of breakfast, lunch and drinking, I was delighted to be able to experience how Revolution Hockley’s Bottomless Brunch offering fared.

Revolution Hockley commands a good presence on Broad Street and has a laid-back, comfortable sort of vibe. With a sunny outdoor terrace and an array of indoor seating, this establishment is chameleon-like - the sort of place you can take your kids for a meal during the day but packed with revellers of all ages in the evening.

On arrival, we were greeted warmly, quickly seated and given the special Bottomless Brunch menu to peruse.

The Bottomless Brunch, which is available every Saturday and Sunday, costs £25 per person, which includes one food dish and as many of the drinks on the special menu as you can down in 2 hours. They do ask that you finish one drink before ordering another and, I’m guessing, would probably stop you if you had a few too many and fell off your chair but, other than that, they encourage you to eat, drink and be merry.

I’m not a fan a massive menus - as long as there is a reasonable range of meat and veggie dishes, with a few healthy choices thrown in, I’m happy. Revs delivers this, offering a smallish but varied number of options, all of which seemed perfectly reasonable for the time of day.  These included Bacon and Egg Waffle, Avocado on Rye (VE) and Blueberry, Banana and Nutella Pancakes (V).  Feeling quite peckish and having fond memories of my childhood, I chose the Beet Hash and Marie had the Brunch Grill,

Our drinks arrived promptly (big tick for me there). I took assistant manager Dylan’s advice and chose the Blank Canvas, which is a vodka-based cocktail and you choose the topping, so I went with raspberry.  Yum.  Unfortunately, Marie wasn't able to drink but a nice cuppa tea always goes well with a full English I think.

The food soon followed and I was delighted at how tasty it was. Plenty of chunks of beetroot falafel topped a generous portion of sauteed potatoes, along with a fabulously runny egg and nacho cheese sauce dressing, with mint and coriander. Funnily enough, I had read the menu as 'Beef Hash' and was fully convinced that I was eating meat!  It was blooming delicious and I'd highly recommend it, plus, it was substantial enough that I couldn’t actually mop up my entire plateful, which is unusual for me. Marie’s Brunch Grill was also very good - piping hot and a decent, well-cooked range of items.  Absolutely no complaints about the food or drink from us. 

The service was very good - we didn’t have to wait long for refills, despite the large group next to us, who were also being well looked after.  All in all, we had a most enjoyable couple of hours and, because the music isn't whacked up during the day, we were able to have a chat, making it perfect for a good old catch-up.

Bottomless Brunches are a fantastic idea if you’re in a group and don’t want to worry about the inevitable divvying up the bill at the end of a drinking session; are looking for an easy to organise group event - there was a rather large hen-party having a great time next to us - or just fancy trying something a bit different.

We honestly didn’t make the most of the inclusive drinks - I managed 3 and Marie is currently off the pop - so you’d need to bear it in mind before parting with your £25. If you can’t stomach more than 4 drinks at lunchtime, it might just be better to order from the normal brunch menu and pay as you go but, if you like a few (or more) midday bevvies, this is really great value for money.

Revolution Hockley takes bookings for Bottomless Brunch at 12 noon, 1pm and 2pm and you'll need to pre-book in advance.  You can view the Bottomless Brunch menu here.

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