9th October 2019

I’ve walked past the entrance to Cosmo Authentic World Kitchen numerous times but have never made the journey up the steps to find out what it’s all about.  So, I was very happy to be invited over to see what my kids have been raving about.


I’m not really a fan of the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet if truth be told.  I don’t eat massive amounts and I don’t like to see waste, which has been my experience from similar establishments in the past.  Cosmo, however, has a feel of somewhere with a bit of class.  From the dark grey marble floors and mirror-lined walls, glistening lights and separated seating areas, Cosmo is actually very nice and feels quite grown-up. 

This Thursday lunchtime was surprisingly busy with a wide range of punters, all of whom seemed to be having a whale of a time.  Once ensconced in our comfy leather booth, we were quickly offered drinks and then invited to go and fill our plates. 

The choice of options is large and I suspect most people could find something here that tingles their tastebuds. Italian, Chinese, Indian, Teppanyaki, Carvery, Fish Fingers, Chicken Nuggets .. all of these delights and more are freshly prepared and beautifully displayed, with Chefs continually working to replenish their stations.  As well as your ‘proper’ food, there are also plenty of healthier options, including sushi, salads and fruit and the serving areas looked very clean and well organised.

I started with a few Chinese options and then moved onto sushi, being very well aware that I wasn’t doing the range of foods much justice. However, it was lunchtime and I wasn't in the mood for curry - tempting as it looked.  I had enough though to determine that the food I tried was tasty and well-cooked, so absolutely no complaints there.

My main reason for such restraint was because I’d spotted the puddings and wanted to make sure that I could try at least a couple.  The Irish Cream Cheesecake was sublime, the only disappointment being that I went back for seconds and the rest had been snaffled.  However, the steamed chocolate sponge and custard almost made up for it and I resisted the chocolate fudge cake, the cupcakes and the tubs of ice cream.  The ice cream machine was gearing up for the evening and the chocolate fountain wasn’t yet up and running but that was probably a blessing in disguise for me today. 

Another point to be noted is the clear labelling of all the food on offer, so hopefully those with allegies can be safe in the knowledge that they know what they are eating.

I am converted.   Despite my initial misgivings, I actually really like Cosmo and will definitely be visiting again.  It didn’t feel like a bun fight, it was very clean and there wasn’t food all over the floor.  The staff were very friendly and extremely efficient and I didn’t feel like we were on some kind of food conveyor belt.

Cosmo Authentic World Kitchen can be found on Milton Street, opposite Victoria Centre.  It is open for lunch between 12noon and 3pm Monday to Friday, 12 to 4pm on Saturday and 12noon to 9.30 pm on Sunday.  Prices range from £9.99 (depending on the day) and kids under 150cm eat for half-price.  You can find out more about Cosmo here.

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Thanks to Nicola Rankin for the photos.

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