21st November 2018

I’m sure that most of us have seen at least one of the three Nativity! films over the years and probably enjoyed it.  These Christmas staples are just bursting with feel-good festive joy and cute kids and have been so well received that the fourth instalment will be heading to a cinema near you this week. Meanwhile, the stage production of Nativity! has been wowing audiences in London for the past year and is now touring selected venues across the UK, including Nottingham's Theatre Royal.

The story centres around Mr Maddens, the Christmas-hating primary teacher who, after a disastrous attempt the previous year, has once again been tasked with the unenviable organisation of his school’s nativity.  Throw in a childhood friend and now teacher of a posh private school who is determined to win the battle of the nativities, a hapless teaching assistant and a little fib that grows into a big fat one, you can expect rivalry, bucketloads of humour and even a bit of romance thrown in.

With West End star Simon Lipkin as Mr Poppy, Charlie Brooks (EastEnders) as the Hollywood Producer, Ashley Gray as Jennifer Lore and Scott Garnham as Mr Maddens this cast just radiates talent.  Nottinghamshire boy Oscar Conlon-Morrey plays PE teacher Mr Rye and it’s nice to see that local children have been enlisted for the show’s stint at the Theatre Royal and certainly did our City proud tonight.

From the 1st notes of Sparkle and Shine to the nativity scenes at the end with stars, planets and a flying Elvis angel, this show is an absolute cracker from start to finish.  With stunning sets, a hilarious script and a huge repertoire of totally fabulous tunes, Nativity! The Musical has it all wrapped up.  The whole cast is superb and so it seems unfair to single anyone out.  However, the uber-talented Mr Lipkin deserves special mention, as his portrayal of Mr Poppy was nothing short of outstanding. 

In the words of theatre critic Paul Burns, “I’m giving Nativity! The Musical 5 stars”, along with a recommendation that you go and see it while you have the chance.

Nativity! The Musical will be at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal until Sunday 25th November 2018.  Buy tickets here.

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