26th January 2019

There ain't no party like a Onesie Party, especially when it's an ice skating onesie party!

We headed down to Nottingham's National Ice Centre on a Saturday afternoon in January to see if ice skating in your onesie is as strange as it sounds.  Despite worries from 10 year olds Evie and Millie that they would be the only ones dressed up, the party was rocking by the time we arrived and the rink was a colourful array of all-in-one outfits.

Skating in Nottingham is obviously very popular and the rink was busy.  Crowds always worry me, as I like to have a bit of space to myself but, despite the large numbers enjoying the party, there was plenty of room for the girls to show off their skating skills.  As always, with any public skating session, there is an area in the middle of the rink for those who are less confident, with plenty of cute pushalong animals to cling onto and lots of staff on hand to offer help and advice, making it accessible to all. 

There were 2 Onesie parties taking place today - the Family Session and the evening Club Session, both of which offered skating and pizza for £10.  It's always a treat to see the Nottingham crowd entering into the spirit of a themed event and this one was certainly a bit different from the norm.  With great tunes, flashing lights and event a glitter disco ball, this is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  More please!

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