14th September 2018

Walking into Nottingham’s National Justice Museum after dark is a whole different experience. With smoke machines blurring the historic features of the reception area, ghostly music and an array of spookily themed cocktails, it looked like it was going to be an event to remember.

Held on alternate Saturdays, the one-hour Terror Tours promise to plunge you into the darkness of the old gaol and meet scary characters along the way. I don’t want to give too much away, as the main attraction of this tour will be the element of surprise, so this is just a brief overview.

Huddled together with an air of anxiety and anticipation, our group of Nottingham Bloggers were met by our guide, who gave us a quick pep talk and led us into the Victorian courtroom. Believe me, this room is atmospheric enough on its own, without the sneaking suspicion that ‘something scary’ is probably going to happen to us there. So not to spoil the surprise, let’s just say that we weren’t disappointed … making you jump is the main the theme of this tour and the Shire Hall is the perfect backdrop.

The characters we met during our trip around the building were slightly unsettling but always entertaining – relaying stories of hideous things that had happened to them before their never-ending incarceration inside Nottingham’s most notorious building. Coupled with a couple of blackouts, lots of manic laughter and no shortage of screams, this is a great evening and one I’d certainly recommend.

I’d suggest a few stiff drinks to get you right into the mood before you embark on the Tour and probably a few afterwards – now that the nights are drawing in, this is a great way to spend a Saturday evening and would be the perfect start to a night out with your mates (though you should wear warm clothes and flat shoes, so that you can run away …)

The details:

The Terror Tours at the National Justice Museum take place on alternate Saturday evenings from 6pm and tickets cost £10.95 (£9.95 for students). Get a group together and 1 person will go free on groups of 10 or more. You’ll need to book in advance – more information here.


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