13th December 2018

Another December brings another visit to Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall by John Wilson and his Orchestra, with a tuxedo-clad Mr Wilson and his impeccable ensemble of talented musicians serving “At the Movies” for Christmas this year. 

This year’s tour is all about the golden age of Hollywood and, with the assistance of Broadway diva Kim Criswell, we were promised an evening of some of the big screen’s best loved music.

The music meanders from the gentleness of the score from The Philadelphia Story (before it was turned into the musical High Society) to the sultry Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend, sung with suitable sass by Kim and the rousing title song from Thoroughly Modern Mille.

John Wilson has the incredible ability to transport you back to the days of cinematic glory.  As always, the sound at Nottingham’s Concert Hall is spot on, drawing you in and surrounding you in an aura of melodic magnificence and Bali Ha’i from South Pacific emanated enough heat to warm the coldest of cockles on this frigid December evening.

John Wilson first saw the film ET when he was 10 years old and tonight’s audience was as pleased to hear him resurrect it as he obviously was to conduct it.  Despite stiff competition, including a belting tribute to Barbara Streisand from Kim Criswell, the extra terrestrial received the loudest applause this evening and deservedly so.

The show ended with another costume change by Kim and her rendition of There’s No Business Like Show Business, bringing At the Movies to a suitably rousing finale and yet another triumph for Mr Wilson.

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